Kate has always had an interest in health and started her working journey as a registered nurse.  This was 30 years ago and her reason for choosing this as a career was not because she wanted to particularly work in the health system, but to make it easier to travel the world while being gainfully employed in something with a bit of ‘meaning’.  This early exposure to health however, stimulated an interest (and frustration) in wanting to better support patient empowerment so that consumers could get more from the health system and enjoy a relationship based on equality with practitioners.

Much time has passed since that initial foray into the medical industry and since then Kate has enjoyed a diverse range of roles from sales and strategic marketing, to publishing to business development in the health and medical and aged care sectors.

Kate is on the journey with us as we try to sort out slowing aging.  Kate is a keen collaborator as she sees the only answer to the aging process is to develop resources and information products to help better educate all of us so we stay healthy and happy as we age.

Kate Marie

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Whilst wielding a couple of dumbbells in a gym class in 2003, Kate experienced an epiphany around the lack of accepted best practice guidelines when it came to staying well and avoiding disease. Kate realized that she had no chance of slowing her own aging process unless she became better educated about her options.

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