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Preparing for Ayahuasca ceremonies

How to prepare for Ayahuasca ceremonies There is no right way to prepare for Ayahuasca ceremonies. Is there a wrong way? Quite possibly. Below I explain what I learned from the experience of my first retreat (12 days and seven ceremonies). Preparing for the second retreat will no doubt be different challenges. This is not why you should do these things; there is already plenty of information and evidence. This is what worked and didn’t work for me. Diet There is a lot of information available about what to eat, and what not to eat, before your first ceremony,...

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Exercise and diet to prevent cardiovascular disease

What you eat has a large impact on your heart health, so what is the best diet to prevent cardiovascular disease? Watch my interview with Macquarie University’s Dr Jason Kaplan on YouTube, and read the summary below. The best diet to prevent cardiovascular disease The best diet to prevent cardiovascular disease is considered to be the Mediterranean-style diet. This kind of diet can be fairly varied, but it has a number of key principles: A low consumption of red meat, often no more than once or twice a week A high consumption of unprocessed foods Plenty of fruits and...

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