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Cardiovascular disease risk tests

As someone whose grandparents died from heart disease, and who has a genetic redisposition to it, I’m keen to know more about cardiovascular disease risk tests and the lifestyle changes that prevent it. I went to see Dr Jason Kaplan from the Sydney Interventional Cardiology Centre and Macquarie University for a full assessment and advice. Here’s the first of a 2 part interview and set of tests Jason did at the Macquarie University clinic. I can highly recommend going through this process. Jason was a delight as he not only preaches good health but practices it himself! First steps...

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Statins health benefits and side effects

I recently sat down with Dr Jason Kaplan to discuss statins health benefits. You can either watch the video or read the transcription below. According to Jason, there are a range of statins health benefits and as the most widely prescribed drug in the world it is useful to understand how they work. What is a statin and what are the common brand names? Statin is a drug taken to lower cholesterol. Statins are the most widely-prescribed drug in the world today, and up until a few years ago, Lipitor was the world’s most prescribed drug with millions and millions...

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