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Exposed to the elements – what drives aging?

If you leave things unprotected to the elements they will ultimately age and perish quicker. Colors will fade. Parts will become more brittle and stiff. This is not too far off what happens in the human body. For example, without adequate protection, a life in the outdoors increases our exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and photo-aging of the skin and the wrinkles that it brings will increase accordingly. This is the basis of the “weathered” appearance. Inside the human body, there are also a number of damaging elements that contribute to the decline in structure and function associated with aging....

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Oxidative stress & aging – should we take antioxidants?

During metabolism a small proportion of oxygen is converted into toxic products, collectively known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS or free radicals). When attacked by free radicals,  proteins, DNA and lipids don’t work as they should so function declines. As we get older and our systems for metabolizing oxygen become less efficient, our production of free radicals increases.  If the production of free radicals outstrips our (antioxidant) defense mechanisms, a state of oxidative stress is said to exist. Oxidative stress is one of the most important elements of the aging process. There is a lot we can do to...

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