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Oxidative damage & aging

It is vitally important to include antioxidants in your diet and there are many and varied ways to increase your intake of antioxidants apart from supplementation. Eat fresh food: Plant a vege garden. If you are in an apartment then plant one in a pot Check out your local farmer’s market and shop there on the weekend Avoid anything in a sealed packet or tin Shop online and so avoid impulse purchases at the supermarket Eat whole foods that retain their natural antioxidants (whole grain, whole fruit and vegetables) Increase your intake of herbs: Buy parsley, chives, coriander, sage and thyme and other salad herbs and keep in a sealed container for daily use in salads, soups, curries and casseroles Plant some basil so you can easily make your own quick pesto sauce – blend pine nuts, garlic, basil and olive oil Reduce your intake of coffee and soft drinks and increase the intake of herbal teas such as lemongrass, camomile, liquorice or peppermint Try new salads that are predominately made from herbs such as tabbouli (parsley).  Also Sabzi or herb salad is made from fresh spinach, rocket, celery, mint, parsley, basil, dill, spring onions, olive oil and lemon juice Increase your intake of spices: Toss turmeric with fish and rice with steamed veges for a quick meal Have a curry meal once per week Stew apples, rhubarb or pears...

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Oxidative stress & aging – should we take antioxidants?

During metabolism a small proportion of oxygen is converted into toxic products, collectively known as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS or free radicals). When attacked by free radicals,  proteins, DNA and lipids don’t work as they should so function declines. As we get older and our systems for metabolizing oxygen become less efficient, our production of free radicals increases.  If the production of free radicals outstrips our (antioxidant) defense mechanisms, a state of oxidative stress is said to exist. Oxidative stress is one of the most important elements of the aging process. There is a lot we can do to...

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