Your Road Map for Total Wellness: Fast Living, Slow Aging
The Ultimate Guide to Slowing the Aging Process 
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Take control of the aging process and
 live a full, vital and longer life

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About the Authors
Kate Marie began her health care career as a registered nurse, but a midlife diagnosis of postpartum depression and a long slog through the system as a patient led her to a second career as a writer and wellness advocate. Her mission today is to harness the power of medical research to empower people to take charge of their whole lives, including mind, body and spirit. 
Dr. Merlin Thomas is both a physician and a scientist. His research primarily focuses on diabetes and its complications, but he has broader interests in all aspects of preventive medicine and ageing. He has published over 270 articles in many of the world’s leading medical journals as well as best-selling books including “Understanding Type 2 Diabetes”.  
“Fast Living, Slow Ageing delivers a combination of well-researched strategies from both Western medicine and complementary therapies to enhance your wellness.”

– Dr. Danika Fietz, MBBS 
Take control of the aging process and
 live a full, vital and longer life
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