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At Slow Aging, we believe that the time is now to achieve optimal health and live your best life. Scientific and medical advances inform our work, but they don’t mean much if they’re not tied to real women’s needs.  
We want to learn more about what women like you are looking for out of life so that we can deliver the information you need to move forward with confidence and passion for living. We’re interested in the whole woman, including: 
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About Fast Living, Slow Aging
When you live hard, it catches up with you—or maybe that’s just the wine and chocolate. Whether you’re concerned about the state of your skin after a lifetime in the sun or simply want more energy to greet the day, Slow Aging is about making the choices that are best for your body and mind right now.  

The book is a comprehensive guide to living well and slow the aging process so you can enjoy your life like never before. Looking for a step-by-step guide to the really good life? Fast Living, Slow Aging tells you exactly what to do. 
“We can all choose a path that maintains vigour and vitality.
Fast Living, Slow Aging gives the directions to follow and succeed!”

– Dr. Chris Moschou, GP"
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