We all want to prevent the onset of disease, defer or even stop the things that negatively impact on our lives. So did Faust and Dorian Grey. But as each found out, the ends never justify the means. There are a lot of Faustian pacts being signed every day, ones that give control over our lives to someone else (be that the devil or other affiliated corporations), with the reward that they will magically provide health, longevity and their associated benefits (without any effort on our parts). And everything may look rosy in the short term. But of course, these pacts all turn out to be hollow, and look what happens when you stop? SLOW means not giving control over to anyone else. SLOW puts you in control of your choices and actions through understanding and awareness rather than blind faith.

Last Reviewed 03/Mar/2014

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Dr Merlin Thomas

Professor Merlin Thomas is Professor of Medicine at Melbourne’s Monash University, based in the Department of Diabetes. He is both a physician and a scientist. Merlin has a broader interest in all aspects of preventive medicine and ageing. He has published over 270 articles in many of the worlds’ leading medical journals

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