Dr Russell Cooper

Board Certified Anti-Aging Medicine
Fellowships In Nutritional & Environmental Medicine, Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

Dr Ray Kearney (retired)

Infectious Diseases and Immunology

Dr Michael Lowy
Is a men’s health physician

A/Prof Richard Reid

Gynaecologist & Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon

Richard Stenlake

Stenlake Compounding was the first compounding only pharmacy in Australia. Richard Stenlake introduced compounding to Australia approximately 15yrs ago and his laboratory can make and test any compounded medication be it for man or animal. With a sterile suite, tableting room, separate analytical and testing laboratory, and equipment not found in the average compounder, his laboratory id second to none. Quality and knowledge make Stenlake the premier compounder.

Contact : 02 9387 3205