Dr Danika Fietz, MBBS, BN (Hons)

GP Registrar, Gold Coast, QLD

Dr Joe Kosterich MBBS

A doctor who actually talks about health
Author of Dr Joe’s DIY Health

Blog entries by Dr Joe Kosterich MBBS

  • How do you manage depression?

    The drug-free way to avoid and manage depression

    Large question marks continue to hang over antidepressants as a way to manage depression.

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    Not everyone will benefit from taking antidepressants to manage depression, but there are simple steps we can all take to try and lift our mood.

  • The benefits of laughing

    Can laughter really benefit your health?

    There is an old adage about laughter being the best medicine, and it is quite true: there are many benefits of laughin..Read more

    The saying that 'laughter is the best medicine' is quite true: there are many benefits of laughing, particularly in relation to our health.

  • Preventative health: worth it?

    Over the last 30 years we have seen the rise of preventative health. Three recent articles shine a spotlight on this and raise good questions. A ..Read more

    Over the last 30 years we have seen the rise of preventative health. But does taking a proactive approach to reducing disease cause even more problems?

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Dr Chris Moschou

Adelaide GP with an interest in hormone modulation

Terry Robson

Terry Robson is a journalist, author, screenwriter, public speaker and qualified naturopath. He has worked as a health journalist for many of the major Australian media outlets focusing on lifestyle and holistic health issues. He is a health correspondent for SKY News, the co-editor of WellBeing magazine, has written a weekly online column for the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and has authored three books. Terry appears regularly on radio stations around Australia reporting on the latest health and lifestyle research.

Juan Semo

Health Advisor for sleep

Janette Thorburn

Principal Audiologist at Australian Hearing, helps people manage their hearing loss

Blog entries by Janette Thorburn

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    Dr Ron Tomlins

    GP with an interest in health promotion and disease prevention

    Dr David Tye
    GP with an interest in allergy

    Matthew Wells
    The Eye Practice