This is not about anti aging but SLOW Aging. SLOW movements and the philosophy underpinning them is derived from an understanding that though time is precious, rushing to try and fit more in is not the answer. SLOW aging is about actively engaging with and savouring the aging process. It is about healthy ageing and how to live longer in health. It is not about how to live longer at the cost of quality.  SLOW aging is about conscious living; it is about embracing the aging process.  Anti-aging can sometimes be interpreted as a quick fix pathway, whereas SLOW aging is about deliberate disease prevention and maintenance of structure, function and quality of life.

The people involved in this blog try to keep it ‘real’ when it comes to the aging process and what we can do about it.  The posts will often reflect our actual experience with the various interventions available to slow the aging process, from exercise, to skin rejuvenation, to support for the brain, nutrition and diet, supplementation to hormones.