Are you ready for Slow Aging? In this blog we share our philosophy of SLOW AGING as well as provide guidance and share our experience in applying interventions that will slow aging.

‘Slow aging’ is about disease prevention, maintenance of our body’s structure, function and optimisation of our quality of life (as we age). Slow aging is also about being happy, productive and at peace with the aging process, rather than stressed by its negative attributes. We can’t ‘anti’ age so let’s not even try!

We try where we can to provide evidence for the success of the interventions we cover here; one of the key aims of the site is to help you navigate various interventions and make informed decisions. We will cover over time all the interventions available to slow the aging process, from exercise, to skin rejuvenation, to support for the brain, nutrition and diet, supplementation to hormones.

We welcome you to get involved and help us grow this to a resource to be used by anyone interested in applying ‘best practice’ to their lives when it comes to slow aging.