Stop Smoking and Keep Brain Cells

Many women use smoking as a form of weight control. A learned habit that takes the place of eating. And it probably won’t surprise you to learn that an Australian study found that smoking increases your metal decline and causes damage to parts of your brain interconnected with dementia. The good news is that a recent report in the Sydney Morning Herald suggests that if you stop smoking you can reverse these effects.

This study looked at the mental capacity of 229 elderly smokers over a 2 year time-frame trying to quit smoking and 98 who didn’t smoke. These results were measured against brain scan results. Smokers who were unable to quit showed a mental decline that was twice as fast as the non-smokers. The study subjects who were able to quit showed a mental decline no faster than the non-smokers.

What this study indicates is that it is never too late to stop smoking and increase your brainpower, even in your 70s. Further still, if the negative mental consequences of smoking were understood along with the benefits of quitting smoking then smoking cessation could be positive in reducing the number of people with dementia in Australia.

And for those women who are using smoking as a tool to maintain or lose weight you might want to ‘think’ again.

Last Reviewed 13/Mar/2014


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