The Low-Down on Skin Care

Truth be told, women especially are conscious of their skin as they age, constantly looking for any ways to keep skin ‘younger looking. The skin faces numerous challenges on a daily basis as a direct result of the world we live, with the largest problems are extreme dryness, overheating and being ‘too’ clean. These problems may cause:

  • Scaly, red or irritated skin
  • Oily skin, rashes or breakouts without reason
  • Dull, dry and limp hair
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Fatigue upon waking

Although there are many causes of skin problems, making some adjustments to lifestyle really can help to improve your skin. A few points to help are:

  • Protect yourself from excess sun with sunscreen and a sun hat.
  • Protect your skin with moisturizers to keep dry skin away.
  • Stop overheating when sleeping under heavy blankets by wearing light nightwear and using light blankets. One potential cause of face and scalp dermatitis is through excessive sweating in the upper part of the body, when heat is unable to escape from the whole body due to heavy blankets.
  • Continuous exposure to air-conditioning dries out the skin. At work try to take breaks outside, stay clear of smokers and use a good moisturizer.
  • When taking fitness classes wear breathable clothing made with natural fibers. Synthetic garments will trap heat in and irritate your skin.
  • When bathing use a mild temperature and a gentle cleanser instead of soap, always moisturizing head to toe afterwards. Soap takes away the protective moisture of your skin, drawing in bacteria and increasing your need for deodorants. After bathing, gently pat your skin dry instead of rubbing.
  • Pay attention to your weight. Excess fat causes changes in your skin chemistry and can trigger various skin issues effecting circulation and wound healing, sweating and sebum (oil) production.
  • Drinking enough water (8+ glasses a day) can help the skin to remove some of its toxins.

Everyone wants to appear youthful and having healthy skin is one important aspect of appearing youthful. Reducing harmful exposure to damaging environments, making healthy lifestyle choices, cleansing the skin naturally and moisturizing will all help you to see improvements in the way you look. A little effort makes it all worthwhile.

Last Reviewed 13/Mar/2014

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