Below is a guideline to help you with your resistance training program


Name of exercise(muscles exercised) Sets and repetitionsweight (as required) Key form elements
1. Step ups onto a 40 cmbench or step(quads, hamstrings, glutes) 3 x 20 reps lead witheach legCarry 3-5 kg DB as


Keep torso upright and tighten ‘core’. Stand up to full height on top of step.Take care not to trip while stepping.
2. Prone plank (on elbowsand toes, or knees)(abdominal core muscles) Hold initially 20-30 secsRepeat 3-5 times with 60 secs rest between repeats Draw in and tighten your core muscles. Lift body off floor and keep body straight. Stop exercise if any back pain develops.
3. DB bench press(pectorals, anterior deltoidsand triceps) 3 x 12 repsweight 2-5 kg Lie on bench, fitball or floor With DB resting on front of shoulders, push DB directly vertical in a controlled manner until arms are fully extended. Return to starting position.
4. Seated rowing(posterior deltoids rhomboids,trapezius, latissmus dorsi and


3 x 12 repsUse theraband Sit with back upright and chest high. Link the theraband around feet. Pull shoulders back and then pull ends of theraband to armpits.  Do not lean back.
5. Curl-ups with twist(rectus abdominus, obliques) 3 x 15 reps each side Lie on back arms crossed on hips. Tuck chin into chest and twist to one side to touch hands on outside of knee. Repeat both sides.
6. Static lunge(quads, glutes and calfmuscles) 3 x 12 reps with both legsCarry 3-5 kg DB asrequired Stand astride with one foot forward. Place hands on hips, keep back upright, lunge forward to take weight on the front foot, hold for a few seconds and then return to starting position.
7. Inclined chin ups(latissimus dorsi, biceps,deltoids and pectorals) 3 x 12 repsNo weight Find a sturdy bar at chest height. Hang on the bar with legs extended to the floor. Keeping body straight, pull your chest up until it touches the bar. Lower body to starting position.
8. Half squats using fitballsupport against wall(quadriceps and glutes) 3 x 12 repsCarry 3-5 kg DB asrequire Place a Fit ball against the wall and in the small of your back. Leaning against it with feet slightly in front of hips. Lower your body until your upper thigh is horizontal to floor. Keep back upright and chest high.
9. Seated DB overhead press(deltoids, trapezius & triceps) 3 x 12 repsWeight 3-5 kg Sit on a bench or chair with DB’s in front of shoulders. Push ups up so DB’sare directly above the shoulders. Return to start.
10. DB curls(biceps and anterior deltoids) 3 x 12 repsWeight 3-5 kg Stand astride with back upright and arms extended. Curl DB up to chest byonly flexing elbows. Do not swing your trunk as part of the lifting movement. (If this is required, the DB’s are too heavy and the weight needs to be reduced).


Last Reviewed 02/Mar/2014

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