16-09-20-merlin-thomas​Professor Thomas is Professor Medicine at Melbourne’s prestigious Monash University, based in the newly created Department of Diabetes. He is both a physician and a scientist.

He specializes in endocrinology and kidney medicine. He works extensively with patients with diabetes and their doctors. However, he also runs a basic science laboratory, exploring the mechanisms of disease and the development of new treatments.

His research primarily focuses on diabetes and its complications, and finding practical means for their control. But he has a broader interests in all aspects of preventive medicine and ageing. He has published over 270 articles in many of the worlds’ leading medical journals as well as best-selling books including “Fast Living Slow Ageing” and “Understanding Type 2 Diabetes”. He is internationally recognised as a speaker, opinion-leader, teacher and medical storyteller.






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Merlin Thomas is a physician and a scientist. His research laboratory is at the JDRF/ Danielle Alberti Memorial Centre for the study of Diabetes Complications at the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne.