Author: Dr Merlin Thomas

Slowagingblog x Open Back Dress

Slowagingblog x Open Back Dress – Denim/Cut Out Back/Cotton Whoever said denim has to be boring has never seen this slowagingblog x dress. The rounded neckline goes well with the open back. This dress will go well with sandals on the beach but could also look great with a pair of heels for a night on the boardwalk. It is easy to care for because it is 100% machine washable. The zip closure makes this dress very easy to put on and take off as well. Add a denim jacket on cool evenings. If you would like to add some color to your outfit then you can purchase a colored denim jacket. It is a wonderful way to set the stage for a night out because you will brighten your outfit draw attention to you when you walk in the...

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How can I prevent hearing loss?

Loud noise is the most significant single cause of hearing loss Most young people (and a lot of older people too) don’t realize the impact that a noisy lifestyle has on their hearing. Australian Hearing conducted a survey in 2008 and asked people their attitudes and behaviors when it comes to noise and hearing. It found that more than two thirds of Australians listen to music through headphones regularly and 60 per cent of these people have the volume above safe levels. Nearly half of younger Australians (18 to 34 year olds) go to noisy bars and pubs and...

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