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Methylation and MTHFR Defects presented by Benjamin Lynch, ND – YouTube

Learn the basics of methylation while identifying common genetic mutations which may alter methylation processes – especially the MTHFR mutation. Other genetic mutations mentioned are COMT, MAO A and CBS. Learn how to identify candidates for MTHFR genetic testing along with understanding the basics of how the MTHFR enzyme is so critical to our biochemistry. Read the source article at...

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Scientists Urge Study of Environmental Factors That May Speed Aging

Why do our bodies age at different rates? Why can some people run marathons at the age of 70, while others are forced to use a walker? Genes are only part of the answer. A trio of scientists from the University of North Carolina argue in a new paper that more work needs to be done on “gerontogens”—factors, including substances in the environment, that can accelerate the aging process. Read the source article at National...

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Smarts and long life, thanks to this gene

A scientific team led by the Gladstone Institutes and UC San Francisco has discovered that a common form of a gene already associated with long life also improves learning and memory, a finding that could have implications for treating age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s. The researchers found that people who carry a single copy of the KL-VS variant of the KLOTHO gene perform better on a wide variety of cognitive tests. When the researchers modeled the effects in mice, they found it strengthened the connections between neurons that make learning possible — what is known as synaptic plasticity — by increasing the action of a cell receptor critical to forming memories. Read the source article at University of...

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