Pascale Michelon received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Sciences in 1999 in France.  As a Research Fellow at the University of Southern California and later as a Research Scientist at Washington University, Dr. Michelon’s goal was to better understand how the brain processes and memorizes visual information. In 2004, she received a research award from the Washington University Center for Aging. Dr. Michelon is the author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles. She is now an Adjunct Faculty at Washington University in Saint Louis in the Psychology Department.

Her passion for applying and sharing scientific knowledge led her into the field of brain fitness and memory improvement. In 2006, she founded The Memory Practice, to provide adults with challenging cognitive exercises to keep their brain fit. She developed a brain training program to improve performance and delivered it to a nation-wide clientele of both individuals and retirement communities.

Dr. Michelon is active in the St Louis community, conducting numerous workshops for health care and aging professionals and memory support seminars for older adults.

Her latest book is Max Your Memory (2012), by D.K., an illustrated memory workbook that offers techniques and tips to optimize memory at all ages. Max Your Memory is quite popular in the US, UK and Canada and has been translated into 3 languages so far. It was reviewed in the Wall Street Journal and is featured by the Scientific American Book Club. It is one book you shouldn’t forget to get!

Dr. Michelon is also an Expert Contributor for an inde­pen­dent mar­ket research and think tank track­ing brain fit­ness and applied neu­ro­plas­tic­ity trends.

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