Joe-Kosterich-avAuthor, speaker, doctor and health industry consultant, Dr Joe Kosterich wants you to be healthy and get the most out of life.

He has a regular column in the Mind and Body section of the West Australian Newspaper and Medical Observer as well as being on the advisory panel of Prevention Magazine. He has regular slots on the 6PR morning program and Nightline , and is Medical spokesperson for Virtual Medical Centre. Dr Joe is a guest presenter on Today Tonight on Channel 7. He has written for numerous medical and mainstream publications and is regularly sought for comment by the electronic and print media.

Dr Joe gives motivational and practical health talks for the general public and corporations on how to look and feel better.

He is medical advisor to the Universal Health Network and International Medical Director of The Weekly Fitness Challenge.

Previously Dr Joe held senior positions in the Australian Medical Association and sat on numerous industry and government boards. He has extensive corporate experience in the setting up and management of medical centres and in helping businesses maintain a healthy workforce.


Blog entries by Dr Joe

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